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Survey and Certification Complaints

Survey and Certification (S&C)

S&C surveys Health Care Facilities and Agencies to assure they are in compliance with Federal and State Regulations.

S&C employs Registered Nurses who travel statewide to hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, residential care homes, and a host of other health care providers to assess whether the care and services given to residents and patients meet Federal and State Regulations.

A report should be made to S&C if you feel that patients or residents have been harmed or may be harmed by the inappropriate practices of a healthcare organization. Organizations may be out of compliance with regulations, even if no staff members are intentionally or recklessly harming patients or residents.

Use this link to access the Reporting Form to complete and submit a complaint.

There are four ways in which you can make a complaint:

  1. By Email: **Preferred Method**
  2. By FAX: 1-802-241-0383
  3. Call Toll Free: 1-888-700-5330
    When filing a complaint via telephone, please be prepared to:
    • Provide your name, telephone number, and address. However, anonymous complaints are accepted as well.
    • Identify the name of the facility/provider being reported;
    • Provide a detailed summary of concerns;
    • Provide additional details as requested by the S&C staff.
  4. By US Mail:
    Survey & Certification Complaint Intake
    Division of Licensing and Protection
    HC 2 SOUTH
    280 State Drive
    Waterbury, VT 05671-2060

*Messages left after normal business hours, (to include evenings, weekends and holidays) will be returned during regular business hours.